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Travel in the new Ferry from US to Cuba. The return of passenger ferry services between the United States and Cuba took a major step forward

Ferry To Cuba: Can I Travel From Florida To Cuba?

Passenger ferry services are set to make a comeback between the state of Florida and Cuba. This will be the first time for more than fifty years. This is about to happen after US government approved the new services. Ferry services stopped between these two countries when the US government imposed trade embargo on the Island of Cuba in 1960. However, Washington made a major announcement on the restoration of the diplomatic ties with Cuba in December 2014. The US government lifted the ban and many ferry companies have acquired the licenses to offer these services.

However, this does not mean that boats can begin to launch for Cuban shores, due to bureaucratic hurdles between the two countries. Lifting of the ban has shown the Washington’s desire to put aside the past policies of isolating Cuba and now it’s a new of promoting closer ties and co-operation between the two countries. Most of the Shipping companies in US have welcomed the move terming it the great step forward. These companies believe that if all goes well these operations could be up and running before October. For many it was a historical event and they’re very grateful to US president Barack Obama.

Ferries will be permitted to transport cargo from US to Cuba, which is just 90 miles from southern Florida. At least five companies have been licensed to start offering ferry service. Some of these companies believe they can start operating in a matter of weeks, but these plans will depend on future development. Among the key departure ports include Miami, Key West, Tampa-area and Port Everglades ports.

Cuba is also said to be contemplating to change its regulations to make things easier for the vibrant ferry service. The Island does not allow its citizens to arrive or depart by the Sea. While this represented a gigantic leap forward, as January 2016, ferry operators are still awaiting final approval and licensing from the Cuban government.


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