How Can I Travel From United States To Cuba?

In October 1960, United States government has established a law on restricting Americans to make business to Cuba. It is because of the Cuban embargo, a trade blockade enforced by United States authority to oppose against the practices of communists in Cuba.

And in September 2015, most of the Americans were pleased that President Obama have lifted the travel restrictions to Cuba and proclaimed the supplementary travel standards. Not all Americans can basically travel to Cuba, for tourist travels are not permitted under the law. However, under the 12 travel categories, Americans can have a legal trip to Cuba without securing a license unless met the stipulations under the rule.

Cuba has been known for its admired Caribbean tourists’ spots around the world. As the amended law were publicized, transportations services to Cuba are increasing to house the demands of American travellers. And, Americans listed it under their travel bucket list.

Travel services from United States to Cuba:

Charter Flights Charter Flights USA to Cuba

  • JetBlue planes through Cuba Travel Services offer flights from New York to Havana.
  • Sun Country Airlines began providing New York to Havana air transport.
  • JetBlue aircrafts used by ABC Charters have been handling flights for Florida – Cuba route, particularly from the cities of Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.
  • Island Travel & Tour, a Cuba expert manages flights from cities of Miami, Orlando, and Tampa in Florida to Cuba. As well as air travel from Baltimore, Washington to Cuba.

Cruise ShipsCruise Ships USA to Cuba

International Expeditions caters the Panorama voyage having a 48-passenger capacity for a tour to Cuba. The expedition starts with an air       transport from Miami to Cuba and followed by cruise to different destinations around Cuba.

Ferry ServicesFerry Services USA to Cuba

Ferries to Cuba are inexpensive than charter flights and cruise ships. Havana Ferry Partners, Baja Ferries, United Caribbean Lines Florida, and Airline Brokers Co. were licensed to provide 200 to 2,000 passenger capacity ferries between Florida to Cuba.

There are a lot ways to delve into the hotspots that millions of American travelers want to see in Cuba.