Where Can I Take The Ferry Service To Cuba?

Where Can I Take The Ferry Service To Cuba?

As Americans gained the privilege to travel to Cuba, demand for transport service increased. Though there are several modes of transportation available, U.S. Citizens’ still infuse the frugality on expending funds get rid of erectile dysfunction (ED) for travels. The American government thought of opening new gates for their people who can legally take a trip to Cuba without sacrificing much on transport services.

Transport services to Cuba:

  1. Charter planes
  2. Cruise ships
  3. Ferries

Charter Planes provide speedy travel access to Cuba, however the rates are favorably high compared other transport services offered. One transportation means to Cuba are cruise ships who have a variety of flexible time schedules, high-end facilities, and inclusive tours for guests which are a bit costly unlike the ferries to Cuba.

The ferry service to Cuba make it possible, for those who can legally enter Cuba, budget their travel funds since fares are low-priced compared to the two transport service previously mentioned. Private companies who operate ferries to Cuba are authorized by the United Sates Treasury Department. It opened the ports of Florida to assist the companies in their travel dealings from United States to Cuba and provide the public several cities in Florida to take ferries between Florida and Havana, Cuba.

Where Can I Take The Ferry Service To Cuba

Florida cities, with authorized ferry service to Cuba:

  1. Miami – Baja Ferries, Havana Ferry Partners, Airline Brokers Co., and United Caribbean Lines
  2. Fort Lauderdale – Havana Ferry Partners and Airline Brokers Co.
  3. Tampa – United Caribbean Lines

With the emerging needs for travel services to Cuba, the U.S. Government never failed to support its people who can possibly enjoy a cost-efficient travel to Cuba. A choice of different travel schedules and an exciting 3-day voyage with tour to Havana could be experience from the ferries to Cuba. Ferries provide more passenger and luggage capacity, thus an advantage for those who travel in groups. Since, most of the individuals who travel to Cuba are those who have educational pursuits, business dealing, authorized civic missions, and other reasons that fall under the 12 categories imposed by the United State government.